Demand Response

ADA Paratransit, Medivan, and Dial-A-Ride

Demand Response refers to transit services that require advanced scheduling by the customer. Riders are picked up and dropped off at the door or curb. 

ADA Paratransit 

The S ADA Paratransit service complements the fixed-route service available to individuals with disabilities that prevent them from using fixed-route buses. Individuals must become certified to use the service. Paratransit service is available wherever fixed-route service operates, extending ¾ mile from the fixed-route line.

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This service is available on weekdays to the general public in the cities of Patterson, Oakdale, and Riverbank, where there is limited fixed-route bus service.

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The Medivan is a public transit service that takes passengers from Modesto to select Bay Area Medical Centers Monday through Friday.

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Become certified to use ADA Paratransit at the Stanislaus Eligibility Center by calling to schedule an appointment at 209-672-1143 or go to their website for more information on eligibility requirements.

Passenger Guide (PDF)

Read through the details of the Demand Response program.

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Other Regional Transit Services

Contact information for other area Dial-A-Ride services including fares, a map, guides, and an application.

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Demand Response vehicle
Man in wheelchair on a ramp on a Demand Response vehicle
  1. Contact Us

  2. Demand Response Customer Service

    Physical Address
    1001 9th Street
    Modesto, CA 95354
    Phone: 209-527-4900
  3. Reservations close at 5:00 p.m.