Fixed Route Service

Type of FareCost
Youth (Ages 0-18 years)
Cash Fare (All Day Pass Unlimited Trips) - Regular$2
Cash Fare (All Day Pass Unlimited Trips) - Half Fare (Senior/Disabled/Medicare/Veterans)$1
1-Day Pass (Unlimited Trips) - Regular$2
1-Day Pass (Unlimited Trips)  - Half Fare (Senior/Disabled/Medicare/Veterans)$1
7-Day Pass (Unlimited Trips) - Regular$10
7-Day Pass (Unlimited Trips) - Half Fare (Senior/Disabled/Medicare/Veterans)$5
31-Day Pass (Unlimited Trips) - Regular$40
31-Day Pass (Unlimited Trips) - Half Fare (Senior/Disabled/Medicare/Veterans)$20
MJC Students with ID and current semester stickerFree
Transfers to Turlock Transit

Commuter Services

Type of FareCost
BART Commuter - 31 Day Pass$165
BART Commuter - 1 Day Pass (Same Day Round Trip)$15
ACE Commuter (included in fixed route fares)Included in Fixed Route
Stockton Commuter (included in fixed route fares)
Included in Fixed Route

Dial-A-Ride Services

Type of FareCost
Demand Response - 1 Way 
Includes Paratransit (ADA), Dial-A-Ride & Shuttle Services
Medivan Service - 1 Way - Patient
Medivan Service - 1 Way - Attendant