Advertise on Bus Stop Benches

Bus Stop Bench Advertising Program

The bench advertising program is provided by Creative Outdoor Advertising (COA) for the City of Modesto. Creative Outdoor Advertising (COA) replaced old bus benches with a contemporary style bench called the Avenue. This updated style is designed to be aesthetically appropriate, attractive and will also meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications for accessibility.

Success with Creative Outdoor Advertising

Creative Outdoor Advertising (COA) only business over the past 35 years has been with the successful implementation of public amenities advertising programs. This achievement has made them the most reliable and efficient street advertising firms in business today. Creative Outdoor Advertising holds service contracts with over 300 municipal and public transit clients throughout North America and provides marketing, sales, and maintenance to over 18,000 amenity units. In addition, Creative Outdoor Advertising effectively manages over 9,000 sponsorship clients, enjoys a seventy five percent advertiser renewal rate and an eighty five percent occupancy level. With proven results in business growth, the partnership with Creative Outdoor Advertising (COA)  is a strong asset to advertisers, the city, and the Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority (StanRTA) transit system.”

To advertise on StanRTA bus stop benches please view availability or call 800-661-6088.

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