Awards and Recognitions

BUSRide Magazine

Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority (StanRTA) is proud to announce our recent feature in BusRide Magazine, a leading publication in the public transportation industry. The article, titled "StanRTA Enhances Rider Experience and Dispatch Capabilities with Avail Technologies’ ETMS," highlights StanRTA's commitment to excellence in providing innovative and intelligent transportation solutions for the commAugust/September BusRide Magazine Cover unity.

BusRide Magazine is renowned for its in-depth analysis and coverage of the transit sector, making it an honor for StanRTA to be selected for this prominent feature. The article delves into StanRTA's latest advancements and the positive impact we are making on the communities we serveRead more here.

View the press release here.


Image of the StanRTA staffStanRTA was awarded the California Association for Coordinated Transportation’s (CalACT) Outstanding Transportation Agency Award for 2023 at a CalACT awards luncheon on Tuesday, April 18. The S is the newest agency to ever receive this award!

StanRTA has been a member of CalACT since the regional transit system was formed in 2021 and was nominated for this year’s Outstanding Transportation Agency Award for its success in merging the former Modesto Area Express (MAX) and Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT) systems to form “The S”. During the formation, StanRTA established the core value that transit is a reflection of its users and is successful only when it meets the user’s needs. With that idea and guidance from the Board of Directors, staff was able to establish a new brand that made seamless the formerly fractured route system, created service equity, implemented sound financial and administrative practices and policies that could meet evolving needs, and formed relationships with Stanislaus County’s diverse communities through outreach and marketing activities.

“Each year, CalACT recognizes members that contribute significantly to promoting professional excellence, stimulating ideas, and advocating for effective community transportation. StanRTA exemplifies this recognition this year,” said Steve Chung, Associate Board Member of CalACT. Chung added “This award reflects the respect StanRTA has in the CalACT community.” CalACT has over 300 members, including large and small transit and paratransit operators, social service organizations, government agencies, and commercial vendors. In addition, CalACT is a proactive transit voice in the Sacramento and Washington, D.C. legislatures.

This award speaks volumes to the level of participation StanRTA gets from the community to shape and grow the public transportation system in Stanislaus County. From attending community outreach events and participating in surveys to asking questions at presentations and Council meetings, StanRTA believes this award is a direct result of listening to our riders.

Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority Honored with CTF Transportation Award

StanRTA is pleased to announce its remaStanRTA Staffrkable achievement in winning the prestigious CTF Award for Rural Bus Transit Project of the Year. The California Transportation Foundation’s CTF Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in public transportation throughout the state. The Rural Bus Transit Project of the Year category recognizes outstanding achievements in improving transit systems, ensuring that residents in these areas can access reliable transportation options.

This year, the CTF acknowledged the innovative initiatives undertaken by StanRTA to design meaningful service improvements that would enhance the quality of life through public transportation throughout Stanislaus County. Through collaborative partnerships and strategic planning, StanRTA has consistently demonstrated its dedication to providing safe, reliable, and efficient transportation options that connect residents to vital resources, employment opportunities, healthcare services, and recreational destinations.

StanRTA's winning project showcased a comprehensive approach to improving transit services, focusing on critical areas such as accessibility, sustainability, and community engagement. By implementing state-of-the-art technology, StanRTA has optimized its operations, including real-time tracking, automated fare collection systems, and passenger information displays, thereby ensuring an enhanced rider experience. Furthermore, StanRTA's commitment to sustainability is evident through integrating low-emission vehicles into its fleet, reducing the environmental impact of public transportation while promoting cleaner air and a greener future for the region. The agency's efforts in fostering multimodal transportation options, such as bike racks and connecting services, have also contributed to reducing traffic congestion and improving overall transportation efficiency.

StanRTA's success in engaging the local community and gathering valuable input from stakeholders was pivotal in developing and implementing its bus transit projects. Through open forums, public meetings, and collaborative partnerships with community organizations, StanRTA has ensured that its services are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of the residents it serves.